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Fact 1: I love plants. I buy them weekly.

Fact 2: I also love herbs.

Fact 3: I have a black thumb. A black as coal thumb. Plants I  buy die in days, and I wouldn’t know the first thing about actually growing a plant.

And that, my friends, is why I am beyond infatuated with the prospect of the Aerogarden. NASA-approved, this nerdy garden for city dwellers is utterly ingenious. No dirt! No mess! No plethora of pots taking up all your counter space! plant-copy.jpg

If you love the idea of having some clever industrial designers solve turn your black thumb to green, the Aerogarden is available over at Sur La Table for the somewhat steep (but one-time-only) price of $150  .


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Well, I have once again fallen behind on posting. I was in Baltimore last week for a work conference, and since then I’ve been working on detoxing my life–eating better, living better, treating myself better, and treating my home better. I have rearranged my closet set up since I’ve been home, hung my pendant lamps, and fixed many other things around the apartment. I’ll be posting some photos soon, I expect, but I’m still working to clarify the style. I also ordered a print from Heather Amuny-Dey for my new chocolate brown wall, which I have decided I will dedicate to art space.

At any rate, Baltimore was a very interesting town. I was expecting to enjoy it a bit more than I did, but I found it to be a little less than desirable. However, the interplay of old and new, industrial grittiness and modern banking towers was an interesting juxtaposition.

I then moved on to DC, my old stomping grounds, where I spent time with my dear Katy Ray. She has a charming apartment in Falls Church city, a relatively spacious one bedroom with hardwood floors throughout. While I won’t divulge how much she pays, I would be confident to say she has one of the top 5 deals in the DC Metro area. It is interesting how, now that I am so “into” design, I end up taking stock of design and decoration of space nearly everywhere I go. I came home this evening and was struck by how modern and clean my bedroom looked; quite a contrast to the traditional pieces and “organized clutter” of Kate’s home. But, most importantly, our spaces work for us.

I’ve been thinking about possibly going back to school for interior design and/or interior architecture, and some people have been quite obviously against this plan. Some of this stems from what I perceive to be a sort of stigma against interior designers; some sort of a belief that it is a career for people who aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. I understand this thought, and to an extent, I even used to think it myself. That said, I feel like the field has been gaining considerably more respect in the past few years, especially as younger people become intrigued by creating better spaces. I think the difference in the style preferences of Kate and myself help to illustrate why interior design isn’t a field to be written off as child’s play. The health of one’s home, and perhaps more importantly, the match of the home to the personality of one’s owner plays such a role in the happiness and well-being of the individual. The last apartment I lived in was a terrible home. Poorly designed; terribly uncomfortable furniture; and a style and color of furniture and paint that I later realized was so awfully matched to what I not only liked, but needed to live calmly and happily. It’s funny how people can treat a psychology as a deeply important profession (which it is), but can write off design, when in fact, creating a balanced space that was me honestly helped to get rid of some serious anxiety that was plaguing me in the old apartment. In sum, I love design and continually see the importance of the field and the impact it has on lives. I’m so pleased that I’ve realized this at such a young age; I only hope that if I pursue this further that I could encourage other twentysomethings to do the same. Lord knows how much angst could be avoided!

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