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Back in action

vacantI have been talking to a few friends of mine about blogging again, and several people mentioned how much they liked “the design blog.” Truth be told, I did/do, too, but once I got most of the decorating settled in my old apartment, I think it fell by the wayside, ranking lower on my ever-growing list of things to do.

In November, I finally moved out of the cramped, itty-bitty apartment in Lakeview, journeying over to a much larger apartment on the border of three neighborhoods in West Town. The neighborhood is so much a better fit for me, and I am infinitely happier where I am now. Chicago is such a city of neighborhoods, each of which have very distinct personalities, and finding the one that fits you is pretty critical to your happiness in this city, I believe. The apartment is also oh-so-much better for me. I now have room to spread out and do my photography work (which is fortuitously going quite well), the kitchen is actually condusive to cooking, and personality-filled hardwoods make for a much happier home.

These past few months have been insanely busy for me (all in a good way), and getting the apartment together has been a very long, slow process. I have rooms that are still pretty much empty, and I’m still trying to perfect organization in my enormous hall closet, but within the past couple weeks, I’ve been finding bits of time to focus more on the home. As such, my design addiction is back in full force, and large portions of the day are spent furtively scouring the ‘nets for the perfect pieces for my place. Since I was always moving so much during college and pretty much lived with other people’s furniture in subleases up until this apartment, I’m largely starting from scratch. It’s daunting (i.e., expensive) and somewhat difficult, especially since I don’t know how long I’ll stay in this apartment, but it is nevertheless exciting to be able to basically make things how I want them, even if I can only afford to buy select pieces at a time.

Anyway, all that prattling on was basically code for my saying: the blog is back! I am going to try to get several posts all scheduled up for the week so content is new and fresh every day (and I have so much I want to write about), so please do come back around. I will also be needing advice and opinions as the weeks go on, so do come around.

Here’s hoping your home remains (or becomes) happy and fabulous.

Edit: In my excitement, I attempted to change the theme, and as such, made this site look not so fabulous. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually buy up a domain and edit some CSS to make it look pretty.  


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