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My, I have been busy lately. The show went divinely well on Friday, with over 500 people showing up for the event. The show has been extended through the month, so if you are in the area, please do stop by. While I was hoping things would slow down following the exhibit, that seems to have been nothing more than a naive hope, with work swarming with tasks in preparation for the upcoming press deadline and a huge conference on the East Coast. I’ve been tempted to pencil in things like “take photographs,” “blog” and “contact friends so they don’t think you disowned them,” but I’d like to hope I can manage to take care of these things without succumbing to that level. At any rate, I was scouring I.D.’s website today, and found so many lovely things. Thankfully I have no money after a big binge at IKEA and Home Depot (North Avenue’s location is open ’til midnight for some reason unknown to me, although Matt, myself and some random man seemed to warrant the paint department being open).

I.D. (3337 N Halsted) was one of the first stores I ventured into after moving to the city. While I was first taken by the gorgeous eyes and frustratingly perfect hair of the salesboy who hawked some of the most gorgeous Scandinavian glasses, it was also the place where my obsession with one Mr. Boontje began.


I saw his garland light in the window, and was thisclose to buying it, but fortunately decided to wait, as it really would have been relegated to a closet in my old apartment.

While I haven’t been to the physical store in a long time, there are plenty of neat things swarming about their site right now:


One of my least favourite parts of apartment living is the general lack of a fireplace. Given the frigid temperatures we’re continuing to have, this Chimo fireplace is green and doesn’t require ventilation. Way out of my price range, though.


Key board, in sleek metal, perfect for holding my perpetually disappearing keys (and only 25!).


Love these little Droog birdhouses, wonderful for a little splash of kitsch and fun in an otherwise “grown-up” room.


In line with the wall decals I posted about last week, as well as in keeping with the decal decoration trend, these stainless steel sticky decorations by Tord are so wonderfully charming.


I’m pretty sure these were featured on D*S some time ago, which may explain the holiday backorder comment on I.D., but these transglass vases and glassware are so breaktaking, I would happily wait for one. Made from recycled bottles, they remind me of beach glass I used to pick up along Lake Erie, but of course in the most fashionable form possible. Just lovely


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I quite love these window decals. I first saw them on, I believe, Apartment Therapy, a while ago. I was searching for them for a good bit of time this morning to no avail. The good readers at AT helped direct me to the original source at Scandinavian Design Center. I love to leave my windows open to let in the light, but also need a tiny bit of privacy in such a urban environment.

They remind me of Emma Jeffs‘ designs (seen below), but thankfully, are much more budget-friendly.

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I’ve been pining for lucite tables for some time now, and I recently scored some divine nesting tables on eBay. They are quite similar to the same tables currently offered by CB2, but fortunately at a much lower price. I fear they may be a bit too short for the couch that will be residing in the new apartment, but they would also be a nice solution for the bedroom.

I was at Urban Outfitters on Oak Street today and found a few fun pieces, including an area rug with red, white and, naturally, blue.  (It looks infinitely more attractive in person.) I am thinking of using it in my kitchen if the space accomodates it, perhaps hanging the blue lucite chandelier in the kitchen instead of the living room as originally planned. The living room is taking on a bit more of a modern, mellow vibe, and I think breaking up the two lucite pieces would be a grand idea.

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Pretty Clear Glass Vases

Silly, girly title, I know. But I love the idea of clear vases capturing the bright light we’ve finally been having.

Modern Marvels


CB2 (used as headboard arrangement)


CB2 Hanging Vases

Uncommon Goods Italian Gerbera Vase (have mixed feelings about this, but think it’s quite interesting and would look very striking from a distance).

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