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I’m not usually the biggest supporter of black and white, being a bit of a colour addict. However, something about these black and white damask sheets from Plush Living makes me so very excited. They look so crisp and fresh, and I would love to see how well they pop against a bright accent wall.

Florence Damask Bedding Duvet Set, $168.95 from Wrapables.com


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Yay! After much work, I finally finished my bedroom wall. Originally inspired by a design I made with Illustrator (which itself was based on a dvider decal) , the final ended up a bit more “snowy branches” than my original plan, although I quite like it.

The process itself was a bit of a comedy of errors. I went to Home Depot last weekend with Matt, and we agonized for a good 30 minutes about the best colour. I ended up choosing Behr’s Spanish Raisin, so we bought a quart. We went home, painted the wall, and lo and behold, we needed another coat for the giant wall. So I went back to Home Depot, bought another can of paint. I then did the three larger branches in a barely-blue white from Behr, decided i didn’t like one, painted over it twice with the Spanish Raisin, realized I still didn’t like one, repainted again, etc. etc. The branches themselves were easy, if not time consuming, requiring me to paint the “twigs” all at once, wait for them to dry, and then paint the circles using a circle template (the value of which is debatable). To add to the comedy, I had to stand on a swivel stool (as I have no real chairs) to do much of the higher up work, and then after painting each circle, I would have to get off the stool to wipe the paint off the stencil and get more paint for the brush, and then try to precariously mount the stool once again without getting paint on the stool or the wall. Ridiculous? Yes.

However, it still is a nice feeling to know i made something lovely, rather than just doling out $100-200 for wall decals. $10 of paint and a lot of work is much more satisfying (and budget friendly!)

bedroom wall, originally uploaded by Olivia Leigh.


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I love Marimekko, as have generations of Americans (and Europeans, and people of many other regions of the world, I expect).The history of design and design houses is often so fascinating to me, and I find myself discovering new, interesting tidbits of history all the time, as is the case with Marimekko. For instance, today I learned that Marimekko first became popular in the States after the divine Miss Jacqueline Kennedy was seen wearing a simple Marimekko dress on the cover of Sports Illustrated (my, how we’ve changed.)

Personally, although I feel like i have had a consciousness of the Finnish design house’s patterns for many years, I remember “learning” the name after I discovered some loverly lumimarja canvases on eBay.


Then, to my happiness, CB2 began offering some wintery Lumimarja sheets last year.Lumimarja

I simply adore this pattern, and specifically the tones going on here. I don’t think the design is overly feminine (unlike the bright pink lumimarja print, for instance); but rather, would look great in almost any home. I was at the CB2 on Lincoln/Addison last week, and they still had these displayed in the store, sitting on a very clean and modern bed, where it looked divine. I like a bit more colour in my bedroom, in general, so I have yet to bite the bullet, but for anyone who can’t handle bright purple walls, I think they are divine.

While I probably won’t be using Marimekko in my bedroom, I might buy one of the wall hangings offered through the truly awesome Textile Arts. I first heard about them through the equally great site, Apartment Therapy, after seeing two of the designs in one of their house tours (so addictive).

While I can paint my new apartment, I’m a little reluctant to, as my building doesn’t seem to have a problem with charging people high prices for various things, and I fear that I would end up having to pay some ludicrous fee when I leave, even if I repaint the walls. So, I’ve been looking at some non-paint options to add colour to the room. The difficult part is working with the various colors that will be going on in the room. I’m doing a partially furnished sublease, and a giant red couch that is very blah but very comfortable has to stay. I also have a light blue chaise that was my dad’s from the 70s, and just last weekend picked up a great coffee table/padded ottoman with great lines in a light milk chocolately brown. Semi-difficult scheme, especially for someone who likes bolder colors as a rule.

I think this print, called Pasky, might be a great solution. With red, blue, brown, and a camel color (which is featured in some random covered stools I found, but might sell), it seems like it could integrate things very well. They describe it as an abstract mountain interpretation, and the blue and seafoam shapes remind me of little birds. I quite like. Plus, at $95 for a 54×54 panel, it’s a really affordable piece of art that can work well with my high ceilings.

Here are some other random Marimekko loves (from Marimekko.com & Textile Arts):



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Sheets for Chez Chase

Soon after announcing (liv)ed in on Flickr, one Mr. Chaseism, whom I will be appearing with in a gallery show soon, presented me with a design query. While I’m certainly no expert, it’s fun to be able to actually apply my wealth of otherwise useless knowledge to a real-life problem.

Chase wrote:

design huh? then maybe you can help me find a new set of sheets….i’m looking for a grey/blue muted tone in a full size (c:

i’m not kidding either…I’ve checked -every- where and i cant find anything. be my hero?

Futher inquiry resulted in my finding out that he was in the market for sheets to match this duvet from IKEA, adding that it’s more midnighty than just slate:

Since I love to be a hero, I decided to take on the challenge. And you know what? Chase was right. It is nearly impossible to find sheets in that color. That said, if the sheets really are much more midnighty than slate, these sheets in Midnight from Area look like they might be a good fit.

On the downside, these chic sheets price out at something ludicrious like $450 for just the sheets; insanely too rich for my blood, and if they’re not too expensive for Chase, well, he should be taking me to Pars Cove for dinner very soon.

That said, I think the fates are trying to tell Chase a little something, and I can’t help but agree. I’d really recommend doing something to pick up on the lighter threads. Pairing a same-colored midnight sheet with the midnight duvet is rather akin to wearing a pink shirt with a pink tie, and unless you’re Regis, that’s kind of strange. I think a lighter blue, gray, or white, would make the whole bed pop.

One set of sheets that I think I might be a good fit are these percale sheets from CB2 in a gorgeous, soothing, sexy color of gray that could go with an infinitely number of duvets if you ever wanted to change things up.

If you want comfort, here’s my top choice: the awesome, awesome, beech sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. I use the sateen beech sheets daily, and it truly feels like you’re sleeping on silk. So soft, and also, so cheap. I may have turned a certain someone else onto them as well. Unfortunately, they’re lacking in muted blues in the sateen sheets, and the blue in the jersey is a bit light but might ideally match the lighter threads.


While I’d probably go with one of the two solids above, I just had to throw in these gorgeous (albiet very expensive) sheets from Dwell. They probably wouldn’t be the best fit for what you’re looking for, but I just love and want to share.

The geometric patterns of these sheets is unique and modern, but also understated and classic. The pattern reminds me of a lot of fabulous design that I’m into at the moment; it particularly seems like a 2-D interpretation of the base of the Saarinen chairs/tables.

However, if all of my recommendations were way off, there are always a plethora of other great duvets out there. I think so many people think that you have to buy loads of new sheets to switch up a bed, when in fact, you can just switch up the quilt/duvet cover and no one would ever know that those are bright yellow sheets hiding underneath. Besides, since Chase’s macking skills are renowned, what really could be better than the Mr. Lover Lover duvet from Kate Storer? 🙂 Tres cheeky.

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