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I’m not usually the biggest supporter of black and white, being a bit of a colour addict. However, something about these black and white damask sheets from Plush Living makes me so very excited. They look so crisp and fresh, and I would love to see how well they pop against a bright accent wall.

Florence Damask Bedding Duvet Set, $168.95 from Wrapables.com


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I was kicking around Sprout’s website when I came across Tord Boontje’s Tablestories line of dishware. It’s not a hot new product, and I recall having seen it quite a bit before, but now that I have my red, white and blue kitchen in full swing, I suddenly take a much greater notice to similarly colored plates and cups. The plate above is my favourite in the line, but Unica also has a full selection, including a blue line that strikes me as a modernized version of the traditional blue and white china that I have inexplicably always had a thing for.

Deer in forest plate, $60.50 at Sprout Home (745 N Damen)

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Fact 1: I love plants. I buy them weekly.

Fact 2: I also love herbs.

Fact 3: I have a black thumb. A black as coal thumb. Plants I  buy die in days, and I wouldn’t know the first thing about actually growing a plant.

And that, my friends, is why I am beyond infatuated with the prospect of the Aerogarden. NASA-approved, this nerdy garden for city dwellers is utterly ingenious. No dirt! No mess! No plethora of pots taking up all your counter space! plant-copy.jpg

If you love the idea of having some clever industrial designers solve turn your black thumb to green, the Aerogarden is available over at Sur La Table for the somewhat steep (but one-time-only) price of $150  .

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