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Cardboard Table

If you read the About page of the blog, you’ll notice that one of the items I mention as a reason for creating (liv)ed in was a cardboard table. After coming across the table again today, I decided cataloging it was probably a good idea.


Designed by Brazilian RS Miranda, the table, constructed of cardboard, apparently ships flat and then can easily be folded together like a piece of furniture oragami once it is delivered to you. While I nixed a green wall in my apartment in favor of brown, I still have quite the thing for green, especially when it’s combined with a nature-inspired design, as it is here with clean little leaves.  I love the idea of the table–easy to ship, easy to move, kind to the wallet ($65) and  complete with lovely design, but I do question it’s efficacy. I imagine you would almost need to cover the top with plexi or glass, unless food or beverage never comes within two feet of your coffee table. I imagine one drop of red wine would instantly become a permanent accent to the piece.

That said, you can apparently stack the tables to create colourful shelves which can hold the weight of a man (albeit a hipster man). I think they are so fun and fresh in this setting, wonderful for a variety of rooms, including those of a little tot.



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Lots of Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs in the (quite dirty) window display at Macy’s Water Tower location.

My disdain for Macy’s is no secret, and I generally feel like they have significantly lowered the quality of merchandise in the former Marshall Field’s outposts, so it was quite a feat to do something like this that inspired love and awe. At the risk of being sacreligious, yay, Macy’s! (And yay for obsession du jour, lucite.)



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