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When I signed up for a mediabistro.com subscription last year, I was told that I would be receiving a free year of New York Magazine. I was excited to receive a glossy each week in my mailbox, but I didn’t expect to be particularly taken by the publication, assuming that all of the pieces would be NYC-centric to a fault. However, with tight, well-written features, colourful photography, and that addictive grid, it has become one of my favourite publications.

I know the issue has been talked about before, but I finally received my copy of the Home Design issue yesterday (thanks, inefficient Chicago mail!). At any rate, it was as wonderful as everyone suggested. My favourite feature showcased Sharon Coplan Hurowitz’s rental. Although the wallpapered walls (intense, but fabulous) suggest that she didn’t have all the constraints of a typical rental agreement, the piece reminded me, once again, that a rental is not the kiss of design death.


Another piece I enjoyed detailed the next wave of designers. Seeing people who are doing great things get recognition they deserve is always enjoyable, and discovering designers I haven’t heard of is even better! My favourite designer from the list is Amy Lau, whose rich, yet quirky designs are just fabulous.


You can check out the rest of the excellent issue at NYMag.com.


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Lots of Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs in the (quite dirty) window display at Macy’s Water Tower location.

My disdain for Macy’s is no secret, and I generally feel like they have significantly lowered the quality of merchandise in the former Marshall Field’s outposts, so it was quite a feat to do something like this that inspired love and awe. At the risk of being sacreligious, yay, Macy’s! (And yay for obsession du jour, lucite.)



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Glowing Plastics by Rob Zinn

I was browsing Generate, one of my favourite design sites today, when I came to their lighting section. They always have very unique, conceptual and sculptural pieces that I can nevertheless see occupying a prime space in my own apartment that is sadly lacking in inherent design.

I’ve become obsessed with these plexi pieces by Rob Zinn, and at $250, they’re not so outlandishly priced that I can only hope to ever own one. I’ve always loved interesting pieces of art that feature lights, and with my recent obsessions with plastics, I couldn’t imagine a better piece to take up residence behind my bed.

That said, I was talking to Matt and he got me thinking about perhaps making one of my own. Matt used to work in a sign shop where he worked with plexi quite frequently, and according to him, making some of these shouldn’t be a ridiculously difficult procedure. Challenging, yes, but impossible, no. I’ve always wanted to try to do some more unique art with plexi and lights instead of paints and pixels, and trying to replicate these could be a good — or at least humorous — challenge.

Major, Expansion

Warm, Futura

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