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Yay! After much work, I finally finished my bedroom wall. Originally inspired by a design I made with Illustrator (which itself was based on a dvider decal) , the final ended up a bit more “snowy branches” than my original plan, although I quite like it.

The process itself was a bit of a comedy of errors. I went to Home Depot last weekend with Matt, and we agonized for a good 30 minutes about the best colour. I ended up choosing Behr’s Spanish Raisin, so we bought a quart. We went home, painted the wall, and lo and behold, we needed another coat for the giant wall. So I went back to Home Depot, bought another can of paint. I then did the three larger branches in a barely-blue white from Behr, decided i didn’t like one, painted over it twice with the Spanish Raisin, realized I still didn’t like one, repainted again, etc. etc. The branches themselves were easy, if not time consuming, requiring me to paint the “twigs” all at once, wait for them to dry, and then paint the circles using a circle template (the value of which is debatable). To add to the comedy, I had to stand on a swivel stool (as I have no real chairs) to do much of the higher up work, and then after painting each circle, I would have to get off the stool to wipe the paint off the stencil and get more paint for the brush, and then try to precariously mount the stool once again without getting paint on the stool or the wall. Ridiculous? Yes.

However, it still is a nice feeling to know i made something lovely, rather than just doling out $100-200 for wall decals. $10 of paint and a lot of work is much more satisfying (and budget friendly!)

bedroom wall, originally uploaded by Olivia Leigh.



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